Our Doors

When you buy a door from us, it will be custom ordered to fit your existing openings. They can come primed ready for painting or pre-primed with a vinyl wrapped PVC coating. With hundreds of options for glass inserts, there’s plenty of room for customization on your new doors.


We offer you custom-ordered doors with lifetime warranty. You can choose what colour you want, what hardware you want, whether or not to include a screen. We don’t compulsory trim kits, you decide what trimmings you want on your special order door and what style you want.

Multi Door System

Our 48″ slate multi door system will be arriving soon. This is a great option for a custom framing door with the right colour too and couldn’t be passed over. You framing door is 450 toughened service glass and anodized aluminum profiles with a fully 5/8″ thick tempered glass.




Custom Frameless Shower Doors

Our 48″ custom frameless shower doors with touches is set to be a bestseller in our online store. It is a beautiful entry that has a definite sleek contemporary look, depending on if that is what you are going for. It adds a natural beauty to your bathroom tiling and granite constructed shower surround, and so it will protect your floors and preserve your ceramic tile.

Custom Order List

A very nice option with a beautiful kick rail is also on our custom order list, once again has a high quality grille pattern on the glass, the trim, and the hardware, and what really takes the look over the top is an arched handle. This polished brass hardware mild steel door fits the doors standard height and comes in white, the grille pattern is on a cloudy glass making it attractive against your natural wood tones. I am sure the beautiful arched glass and grille will set this door off beautifully.

The Eight Door

Our next doors we are going to have is The 8 right upon entering our home, the 8 with in our home in PD Young 2018 this is a left handed door. The thick 2 1/8″ thick frame that is 3/4″ thick is raised just a few millimetres above the stock wood, and it is a square cross braced. This option comes with a built in transom, and has a beveled glass look to it. It is in square with frosted glass. This is an 18″ middle size door and will go into any openings that are 4″x4″ that is standard for the openings of most homes in connect with more than one home.


Windows and Doors


The Traditional Door

Our next option is The traditional door holding up the regular door without the jamb to go over it. Same style as the first option, and a great looking door for any home. I am sure with these different doors we have dramatically increased the value and attractiveness of your home. Amazing, I have amazed that the doors are so popular now, and while I am a builder I am also a builder with many years behind me. Find the best home builder that you can, but be sure to research the more popular designs as well, they can all vary from each other, and you want to find the right door that will work with your home.