eavestroughs help keep your house and yard clean

Eavestroughs are a major part of the way our house functions and controls either rain or melting snow. If your current eaves are either broken, cracked, or non-existent, you’ll want to try to get them fixed as soon as possible. Having broken or bad functioning eavestroughs can lead to a variety of negative results for your property, usually damage.


Eavestroughs are a major component of your home’s drainage system. They’re whats going to help control water flow and ensure that water is not sitting or getting into areas where it will do damage. Additionally, they can be utilized to harvest or collect the water hitting the roof of your house. This water could be collected and used to water your grass or flowers instead in order to become more environmentally friendly.

eaves decrease the your environmental footprint

Keep Your House Clean

Eaves also have the ability to keep the exterior of your home clean. For example, if you’ve got a flower bed next to your house that has loose dirt, if the water running down your roof is not being caught by the eaves, it could instead be falling into the garden and making the dirt or mud splash up onto the house. This can become very annoying as you will end up spending a lot of money on exterior cleaning services over a long period of time.

Environmentally Friendly

Eavestroughs can be a critical part of becoming environmentally friendly. This is usually done by obtaining a rain barrel or some type of large container that can gather the water into one place after travelling through the eaves. Although this water probably shouldn’t be used as drinking water, it can be used to do things like water the grass or perhaps clean the driveway. This can reduce the average household water usage by hundreds of gallons of water every year.

Eaves Provide a Finishing

eaves in Regina can help you keep the yard looking nice

Eaves provide a certain look that is unmatchable. They have the ability to make a house appear finished and done. with many different colour combinations to choose from, you can get a beautiful finished look. Whether you’re building a new house or renovating or updating your current one, eaves may help to get the job done.

Special Features of Eaves

Many eaves also have some special features to add efficiency to their functionality. One prime examples of one of these handy features for eavestroughs could be the leaf guard. Essentially what a leaf guard will do is prevent the down spout of getting clogged up.

Be Aware!

Eaves are a great addition to your house, if not a necessity. They help the water flow to where it should go. But be careful. You’ll want to be regularly checking the condition of your eaves. You should make it a habit twice a year to check your eaves and ensure they’re not plugged up. Typically in fall, when a lot of leaves are falling off the trees, they like to make their way into eavestrough, ultimately causing clogs and backups in your drainage system.