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Windows and doors regina

Windows & Doors in Regina

Everflow has been providing windows and doors in Regina for all of your commercial and residential needs. We are specialists in windows and doors repair and installations in Regina and we offer a wide variety of incredible materials and providers. Come and visit us or give us a call to learn about our great solutions for windows doors in  Regina.

No project is too big or too small for us, either it is for your home, apartment building, office or your condo, we are there to help you! Our team of experts specializes in every kind of windows and doors in Regina. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your doors and windows needs.

Give us a call today for any window and doors projects and we will be glad to help you. At Everflow, we hire windows and doors specialists that will give your home in Regina a second life.

Windows and doors regina

Soffit, Fascia & Eavestrough

At Everflow, we are offering high-quality, low-cost eavestroughs soffits and fascia to either renovate or improve your beautiful home. If you are experiencing water damage, it can damage the whole structural integrity of your house, don’t let this happen and take a look at our eavestroughs soffits and fascia. Our great products are there to collect water and keep it far away from your home.

Our team of expert renovators will install or repair your eavestrough soffits and fascia on your new home, for your renovation project or your commercial building.

We offer a wide array and variety of eavestroughs soffits and fascia to fit all your needs. Give us a call today or come and visit us to make sure you have everything you need to keep your house pristine.

Windows and doors regina

Siding in Regina

At Everflow, we offer various options for siding your home or commercial building. It is one of the most important parts of your home protection against nature. It brings you protection from the sun, precipitations like the rain and snow and extreme temperatures. Siding is the protective layer that allows you to be comfortable in your home, at all times.

Siding can also be a styling component on your house, at Everflow, we offer a wide variety of siding in Regina. You can choose from our large inventory and from our long list of suppliers to create a unique style for your home. We have different materials that will fit your needs and budget. Give us a call today for a free estimate on sidings in Regina or to see how we can help you improve your home.

Windows and doors regina

Metal Roofing in Regina

At Everflow, we also offer Metal Roofing in Regina for all of your roofing needs. It not only looks good, but it also allows you to upgrade your home with a long-lasting product. Other roofing products can lose value fast when they are installed, metal roofing has a lot of advantages. It is fire-resistant, offers maximum wind resistance, it’s stylish and adaptable to any kind of home, it is light so won’t affect your home structural integrity and it is energy efficient.

Our team of expert roofers will take the time to find the perfect product to fit your budget and your need for metal roofing. Let us take care of your roof while you enjoy your home.

Hear From Our Customers
Windows and Doors Regina
“Everflow Eaves is a stellar company. From the initial meeting with Devin to the completion of the project, communication was great, the timeline as suggested and the workmanship excellent. And it was cold!
And, best of all, they treat their employees well. Highly recommend.”
Beverly G., Google Review
Windows and Doors Regina
“Everflow recently completed a huge job for us, siding an old style home in Cathedral, which isn’t an easy task. From start to finish, communication was great and they just made everything so easy.
10/10 in my books.”
Todd J., Facebook Review
Windows and Doors Regina
“Very easy to deal with. Phone personnel were polite and helpful, site techs were courteous, respectful and genuine.
Price was more than reasonable.
I would recommend Everflow to anyone!”
Travis S., Google Review
Windows and Doors Regina
“We have had nothing but the best service from this company! We own a construction company and not only recommend them to our customers but always use them on our own personal projects as well! Fast , efficient and always back their work! The owners are 100% invested in their company and back everything they do!!”
Rayelle B., Facebook Review
Windows and Doors Regina
“We are really happy with everything Everflow did for our spring roofing project. They coordinated the removal of our gutter guards before D&R arrived to replace our shingles and then replaced everything as it was once the roof was done. One thing I really, really appreciated is that they took the gutter guards back to the shop for protection while the roofing was done because there were so many workers all over the yard that I’m not sure how they would have avoided damage while the roof was being done. Very professional, going that extra length! The eavestrough work that they subsequently did was also excellent. They replaced only what was needed and upgraded most spots to the new eave hanger system that is better than the old fashioned giant nails, especially important for the 100 year old house we have in old Lakeview. Thanks again!”
Kevin E., Facebook Review
Windows and Doors Regina
“Amazing company, impeccable workmanship and fantastic people. You can’t go wrong using Everflow Eaves & Exteriors. I have worked with Everflow for the last 6 years and I would not use anyone else on one of my projects or personal home. One of the most honest, trustworthy and respectful companies I have worked with!”
Reagan H., Facebook Review
Windows and Doors Regina

“We have used Everflow multiple times and have experienced nothing but the best! We would highly recommend them!

Great company to deal with and always professional.”

Jen P., Facebook Review
Windows and Doors Regina
“Everflow Eves absolutely the best! We refinish our home and were completely satisfied with the high quality of product and work!
Would definitely recommend them!!!!!”
Garrett R., Facebook Review
Windows and Doors Regina
“A great, honest, reliable team you can easily trust to complete high quality work on your home.

Highly recommend Everflow for your exterior needs!”

Janice B., Facebook Review

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At Everflow Eaves and Exteriors we are committed to going above and beyond for every customer. Check out some of our recent work below.

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