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Everflow vinyl siding is the best value for an exterior finish. Vinyl siding services come in many styles and shapes. It provides a combination of low cost, and durability, and has an unprecedented warranty.

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Siding Regina
Siding Regina

What To Expect

The Everflow Siding Buying Experience

You have decided to replace your siding. Where do you start and how do you navigate all of the decisions?

We start with a free no-obligation quote at your home, our team of local experts will meet with you to better understand your needs and wants and provide you with as much information as you need to help with your decision and a quote onsite for a solution that will best fit your needs and budget and will include a quoted price with a finance option.

If we did a great job wowing you with the experience and you decide to trust us with your replacement we sign off on the final quote, verify colors, products wanted, and any other product details.

At this time, we will assign an installer to your project and give you a week of when the job will start.

The materials will now be ordered and our local staff will contact you the day before coming out.

Installation day will come quickly in anticipation of your new products. Our lead installer will be on-site and will communicate directly with you about the process for the install and will ensure proper installation and clean worksite form start to finish.

At the end of the project, if you choose, our installer will complete a post-installation inspection and walk you through the final installation ensuring complete satisfaction of the work and answer any questions you may have.

We follow up every installation we perform with a survey to ensure we consistently exceed our customer’s expectations and work towards that go and commitment every day.

After-sale warranty service we are your direct contact if any issues or questions arise you can contact us any time at our local number and we would be more than happy to help.

Siding Installation

Professional Installation & Friendly Service

Everflow Siding installations offer the best value for your replacement. Our local installation team is both knowledgeable and experienced. We follow a proven process for each installation ensuring consistency and quality with each installation we do. Our team has over 70 years of combined experience and can tackle the challenge of any installation. We back up this level of experience and commitment by offering the industries best Everflow Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. Ensuring our customers, the work is complete correctly the first time and we stand behind that promise for as long as you own your home.

We have our own crews dedicated to siding installations so our customers deal with one company from start to finish on our projects. Our crews are fully trained and set up to address a wide range of installation types for both residential, multifamily and commercial. We have a consistent process that assures our customers that they will have a problem-free experience. We include a lifetime workmanship warranty on our work which proves our commitment to quality.


Everything you need to know about your new Siding in Regina

Everflow vinyl siding consists of the following parts:

  • Inside Corner Post – Used for inside corners however in some cases a Double J Trim can be used as a substitution.
  • Outside Corner Post – These are for outside corners and in some cases can be used on Bay windows.
  • Starter Strip – is used at the bottom of horizontal sidings. We use only Steel or Aluminum as they are much more durable and provide better holding power to help sustain stronger wind loads and improve the lower strength of the siding.
  • Drip Caps – are used above every window door, overhead door, and decorative trims or belly bands (Transition trim between sidings or when transitioning between siding). This helps to shed the water off the face of the above items.
  • J-Trims – are used at the rooflines, around all windows and doors, and sometimes at grade, if there are elevation changes at the bottom of our house or along with areas such as decks or stairs.

Pros of Fiber Cement Siding

Low Maintenance

Once installed, it is low maintenance. Mostly, you will need to spray it down with a water hose or power sprayer once a year. Make sure the seams and joints are still caulked and protect the siding from landscaping. Allowing foundation plants to rest on the siding can hold moisture in that will create a mold problem with any siding. While the planks can be ordered pre-painted.

There are many color choices available and you can paint it whenever you’d like. The pre-painted planks have a 15-year warranty on the color. Since this is cement, it does not expand and contract the way wood, vinyl, and metal do, so the paint and caulk usually stay in good condition longer.

Very Durable

Regardless of the heat or humidity, fiber cement planks do not warp. They are crack-resistant, usually only cracking when they receive an extremely heavy impact, such as from a car or large tree trunk. Sub-freezing temperatures will not make this product brittle, and it is fire-resistant. It won’t swell up, warp, cup, or bow, and it can stand up to windstorms and hail. It will not rot, either. In addition, it can withstand winds of 130 mph if it has been installed correctly. For structures at high altitudes, it is not affected by UV rays.


Fiber cement products, especially Hardieboard or HardiePlank, are made of sand and cement. These are not flammable products. They are categorized as neutral material, which means that these materials will not feed flames.

Pest Protection

Pests have no interest in any of the materials used to make fiber cement planks. While the planks have wood fiber in them, the fibers are full of cement, so carpenter ants and termites leave them alone.

Let’s Start Your Project

Everflow’s helpful experts can guide you on tips for re-siding a house and can assist you in successfully completing your fiber cement siding project. If you’re starting from scratch, we also have experts to guide you while building a house that will prove invaluable. Please take your time when making decisions so you’ll be pleased with the final outcome of your home improvement efforts.

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