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If you’re debating whether or not to replace your siding, or are choosing an exterior for a new property, you’ll quickly find that there are many types of materials available. Fiber cement is one such material. We’ll go over the key points about fiber cement siding in Regina so that you can make a decision about installing it in your home.
Fiber cement siding in Regina is a reliable and long-term building material that does not require frequent upkeep. It’s perfect for both personal residences and commercial structures because it’s strong yet still able to absorb impact without breaking.
You can get a sense of the product by requesting a free sample.

Types of Fiber Cement Siding

What Is Fiber Cement Siding In Regina Made Of?

A few key ingredients make up fiber cement: Portland cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers. The mixture differs between manufacturers; however, Everflow includes propriety additives to improve the product overall.

What To Expect

How much does fiber cement siding cost?

Fiber cement siding in Regina is much more durable than average and provides good value for the price. It usually costs less money than brick, synthetic stucco, and some wood siding options. Fiber cement siding in Regina is typically cheaper or at the same price as hardboard or composite siding but more expensive than vinyl.

There’s no such thing as one single price that fits all when you’re talking about Everflow’s services. Every project is different, and independent dealers sell our product, so the best way to get an estimate for your siding project is from a local contractor who knows fiber cement siding installation like the back of their hand.

How does fiber cement siding perform?

Fiber cement siding outperforms wood and vinyl sidings. Below are some of the advantages that Everflow’s cement siding has:
– This product is not flammable and will not catch fire or contribute to a fire if it is exposed to flames.
– Engineered to resist water damage and decay.
– No matter where you live or what the weather is like, our product can withstand it.
– Pests, such as woodpeckers and termites, are not attracted to this material.
Learn more about Everflow’s fiber cement siding in Regina, or compare it to other types of siding.

How do I maintain it?

Depending on your location and the amount of exposure your home’s exterior has to the elements, fiber cement siding in Regina will require little-to-no
maintenance. Another factor that affects how much work is required for upkeep is whether you have prefinished siding or if it needs to be painted once installed.
Everflow’s prefinished products are fade-, chip-, and crack-resistant, which means less work for you. If you need to clean your cement siding, we recommend using a soft brush and garden hose. You can read more about how to clean fiber cement siding by giving us a call!

What styles are available?

Fiber cement siding in Regina provides you with plenty of design flexibility due to the wide range of textures it comes in, such as woodgrain, smooth, and stucco finishes. Not to mention, it also comes in a variety of prefinished color options.

Fiber Cement Siding Installation: 15 Easy Steps

There are a few steps to follow for your fiber cement siding installation, and we have tried to keep it as simple as possible. If you want the help of experts, feel free to give us a call today!


    • – To start the fiber cement siding installation, on the exterior wall surface, transfer the locations of the wall studs. Then, snap a vertical chalk line to represent the center of each stud.


    • – Use a bead of exterior-grade caulk to fill the cracks in the lower corners of your front wall.


    • – To install, firstly push a length of aluminum Z-channel flashing into the caulk. Next, use 1¼-inch roofing nails to secure the flashing to the wall.


    • – Add a ¼-inch x 1½ -inch wide piece of wood lath to the Z-channel flashing by nailing it on. The protruding edge of the lath will create the right angle for your first siding course.


    • – Cut a length of fiber-cement clapboard siding that is ¼ inch shorter than the width of your front wall. Next, score the cut line with a utility knife and snap the siding in two pieces.


    • – At each end of the wall, apply a vertical bead of caulk.


    • – At this point of the fiber cement siding installation, Position the fiber- cement clapboard siding ¼ inch above the Z-channel flashing, then attach it to wall studs with 1¾-inch roofing nails. The siding acts as a filler strip.


    • – Apply a vertical bead of caulk to both ends of each clapboard in every course.


    • – Use a measuring tape to find 12 inches from the bottom of the clapboard filler strip and make a horizontal line with chalk.


    • – Center a wall stud on top of the fiber-cement shingle siding, and then cut the piece.


    • – In order to continue the fiber cement siding installation, ensure that it is flush with the chalk line. Then, use 1¾-inch roofing nails to secure it in place against the wall studs. Be sure to drive the nails through the filler strip that is positioned behind the shingle siding.


    • – Continue installing the shingles by cutting and snapping them into place on the wall, making sure to overlap all end joints and slots between the shingles.


    • – Mark your siding where it will need to be cut in order to fit around the window trim and then notch the siding accordingly.


    • – If necessary, cut individual shingles from a siding panel to fill in beneath a window. Face-nail the shingle pieces with 1½-inch stainless steel nails driven at an angle through the top corners of each piece and into the sheathing below.


    – A coat of acrylic latex exterior-grade paint can help to protect the siding.
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