5 Reasons why Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for the exterior of your new home.

Vinyl siding

All the benefits of vinyl.

When you invest in vinyl siding, your ordinary-looking house can be turned into something immaculate. As we are sure you are aware, siding has a significant impact on your cooling and heating bills. If you have ever owned a home where the siding was in bad need of repair,  you are most likely much more familiar with this than you’d like to be. Vinyl siding offers a wide variety of advantages, there are a variety of colours and styles such as bevelled, board and batten, etc which are on-trend right now. Options include decorative beauties, to efficiency-focused options. All come with expert installation when you choose Everflow.

Most homeowners favour vinyl siding over other siding materials. In the future, this pattern is likely to continue as there are numerous advantages associated with this form of siding. The insulating properties of vinyl are one of the significant benefits. Heat and cold do not migrate through vinyl as easily as aluminium or other exterior materials.  This is due to the fact that vinyl is a sluggish conductor. For this reason, vinyl-sided homes remain warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, contributing to lowering those bills. We also install a moisture/wind barrier like Tyvek or Typar underneath the siding to wrap the house. Adding another layer between your home and the great outdoors.

Windows and DoorsLow Maintenance

A high standard of maintenance is needed for some materials. To conserve the wood and prevent a shabby look. Cedar siding, for instance, must be stripped and repainted regularly. Vinyl, however, is virtually maintenance-free and provides excellent durability without special treatment, provided it is kept clean. Siding “chalks” aluminium and requires regular repainting.


For those who carry a strong concern for the environment. Vinyl siding is also a great option. Vinyl is the “greenest” option available on the market today of all exterior materials manufactured for homes. This is because it has a vital sustainability aspect, making a great eco-friendly alternative.

soffit fascia eavestrough Regina, Siding Regina, Metal Roofing ReginaBeauty and Versatility

You will be delighted to discover that we have a wide range of Certainteed siding colours accessible. It is practically guaranteed that once a fresh new layer is installed, your home will boast more curb appeal. Available, in several colours, as well as different fabrics and trims. You are bound to find the style and material made for your home.

Siding Regina, Metal Roofing Regina


Another advantage related to investing in vinyl siding is the longevity of the product. Practically indestructible, vinyl siding is resistant to fading, insects, and harsh weather. This ensures that during the brutal Saskatchewan weather, your home will be safe from different kinds of storm damage. Industry-leading warranties are issued with vinyl siding brands from Certainteed and Mastic, which are typically good for the house’s lifetime.

Regardless of your particular objectives for home improvement projects, it is always a good idea to compare many colours and designs before making a final decision. For your vinyl siding installation, you can call us to talk with a specialist. In the future, this will mean your investment will pay off. The look of your home can be changed overnight with Siding made of attractive and sturdy vinyl. In conclusion, vinyl siding is an excellent option if your goal is to increase the value and enhance your house’s appearance.