Metal Roofing

Believe it or not, metal roofing is becoming very common in today’s house building and home renovation market. Whether you’re building a house, replacing your old roof, or building a garage or some sort of adjacent structure, considering using metal for your roof instead of a classic shingle could be a very smart investment for the future. Here’s a short list of 7 reasons why a metal roof on your house will benefit you.

metal roofing installation is easy and done right over top of your shingles

Durability of Metal Roofing is Amazing

The durability alone is one fantastic reason to go with metal roofing instead of opting for the less expensive, asphalt shingles. Metal will also have a much longer life than any ordinary and traditional shingles on the market today. It can be said that the life expectancy of metal versus shingles is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2 – 3 times longer.

Metal Roofing is Low Maintenance

Maintenance on metal roofing is essentially non-existent. Similar to shingles, except metal is a lot less likely to lift or wreck in a storm, causing there to be essentially zero maintenance. All that you’re going to want to do is ensure that your gutters or eavestroughs are cleaned and free of debris and other things that can plug them up.

Energy Efficiency

metal roofing in regina is a great way to protect yourself from the weather

In today’s world, it seems that everything is about efficiency, and rightfully so! A metal roof comes with many energy efficiency benefits and can and will outperform any traditional shingle. This is because metal is a type of material that reflect sunlights rather than absorbing, therefore, lowering the costs of cooling your home in the summer and helping to heat your home in the winter.

Metal Shingles Look Beautiful

Metal shingles bring a unique and interesting look, something that you do not see on every street, of course depending what city or country you’re in. Considering they are not as popular yet, perhaps due t their pricing which we will talk about later, some people may not like the look of them as much yet, but will likely come around when they become more common.

Perform Better With Snow and Ice

If you live in a place with lots of snow in the winter mixed with freezing temperatures, metal roofing can work very good for you. Metal performs well because things like snow and ice are more likely to slide down and off the roof, avoiding high amounts of weight on your roof and causing potential damage.

Additionally, you won’t have a huge buildup of snow and ice come spring, and have to worry about trying to safely remove it or worry about it falling off the roof and striking someone walking by.

Metal Shingles – A Great Investment

metal roofing installation is quick and easy

Despite all the benefits we see with metal shingles, there’s a reason they are not as common as traditional asphalt shingles. First reason being that they are newer and not as widely known about yet. But most importantly, they are more expensive than traditional shingles. Although they’re a great investment and you will see the return over a long period of time, many people cannot justify it at the time. If you’re interested in learning more about metal roofing, give Everflow Eaves and Exteriors a call today!