Eavestrough Damage

Eavestrough damage happens all the time, especially in places like Canada where the weather can take quite the toll on your eaves. One way of avoiding unnecessary eavestrough damage is by ensuring they’re always free and clean of debris. This allows water to flow freely and operate the way they are supposed to. Here’s some tips to avoid damages and save you money in the long run.

eavestrough damage

Keep Your Eaves Clean to Avoid Eavestrough Damage

First of all, keeping your eaves clean will be the most effective way to keep damage away from your eaves. When there is dead leaves, dirt and other debris stuck in your eaves, it causes a lot of stress and weight strain, resulting in damage. Additionally, when your eaves are clogged, they simply do not function properly. Water cannot flow to where it should. Moisture can end up in undesirable places when it cannot be controlled.

Protect the Condition of Your Home

By keeping your eaves clean and avoiding eavestrough damage, you’ll be able to maintain the overall condition of your home more. Water damage to a house can be a very expensive fix. Whether it gets into your foundation and penetrates your basement or it leaks through your windows, it’s not a good thing. Maintaining clean eaves can be one small way you can ensure you don’t experience eavestrough damage to your home.

eaves maintenance

Eaves Aren’t the Only Thing That Could be Wrecked

In addition to your eaves, a buildup could result in additional damages to other components of your home. This could include water leaks in your shingle or other crevices. If the eaves gets too much strain, they could also fall off, perhaps hitting a window or anything else you may have sitting  below like flower pots or outdoor furniture.

Utilize Rainwater

By keeping your eaves clean, you are able to harvest rainwater or melting snow. By allowing your rainwater to freely flow into a rain barrel or other rain gathering mechanism, you can use that water to hydrate your plants, garden, or even your lawn. This has both economical benefits and can be good for keeping more money in your pockets.

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Infestation of Insects From Eavestrough Damage

If your home is experiencing eavestrough damage, insect infestation could also be on the rise. Clogged gutters could attract pests like insect and other harmful creatures that can ultimately do more harm to your house than what you may think. There are certain insects out there that could potentially cause things like structural damage to your house. Once this begins to happens, getting rid of these pests will likely be very expensive. Not to mention the cost of getting any necessary repairs done to your house.

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