Saskatchewan is known for extreme winters and intensely hot summers.  These radical temperature changes pose challenges to your home’s exterior sidingEverflow shops for the ideal materials and pride ourselves on supplying the best available siding for your home. Each product is selected with care to withstand severe Saskatchewan weather.

Weather also poses other challenges for homeowners.  Strong winds, ice buildup, hail, and excessive rain are only a few of the problems facing homeowners on a yearly basis.  It is important to see the experts when deciding on new siding.

Learning from Experience

Recent weather events have shown the benefit of selecting a product that is reliable and durable to ensure another warm night and avoid costly repair bills.  The proper siding offers good insulation and lower energy costs.

There are many types of siding including wood, aluminium, brick, cement and vinyl.  How do you know which to choose?  Though each option has advantages and disadvantages, some materials have far better benefits locally, and our trained staff can help customers make the right choice for their situation.

Canada Favouritevinyl siding

Most homeowners in Canada choose vinyl siding for our intense winters.  There are several benefits to this option:

  • Vinyl is more popular for its appeal and lower price
  • Installation is available in a variety of colours, with less mess and stress to the homeowners
  • Installation is done by experts to ensure no distortion or breaks, adding massive curb appeal to your home
  • Exterior maintenance is easy with no regular painting necessary
  • Vinyl is water-resistant and sturdy. Powerwashing will remove dust and debris, with the added benefit of no mildew, mold or discolouration

To sum up:  vinyl is durable, low maintenance, weather-resistant and affordable.

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