Types of Siding

In today’s day and age, there are many different types of siding available on the market. In contrast to many years ago where wood was the primary use of siding, technological advancements have allowed there to be an influx of products now available on the market. This is a positive thing for you as there are many more options. The negative with this is having to make the choice, and hopefully the right choice for you and your needs. Luckily, we’ve helped you decipher between a few of the most popular products and help your choice be just a little easier.

types of siding


Although wood was the primary product many years ago, it’s still somewhat one of the popular types of siding in today’s world. With many builders doing creative things with wood, it’s still an option for siding, yet less popular. Some advancements have made wood an option because it has become longer-lasting. Things like wood composite siding, which is like a mix of wood products with other materials. This increases sustainability and efficiency and looks amazing.


Brick is also one of the types of siding that has been extremely popular in the history of home building. Brick has one major feature that is the reason why most people that choose brick do so. This is the uniqueness that brick offers. Although many other types of siding can be unique and attractive, brick tends to represent a distinct look that you may find you like better than others. On the other hand, brick is not easy to install, especially if you’re wanting a quality job done. In addition, labour can be much more intensive, once again raising the price.

Vinyl Types of Siding

Vinyl has gained lots of traction in the home building space as a popular type of siding. Vinyl has many advantages, especially when compared to other types of siding. Vinyl can be bought for lower prices, is easy to install, and requires essentially no maintenance after you install it. With being budget-friendly, vinyl may also have a few downsides. This includes the fact that it can melt if exposed to high temperatures (such as a barbeque too close to the house). Of course this is avoidable but things can still happen.

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Another choice of siding may be aluminum. Aluminum can look extremely sharp and nice if done the right way. Although it is durable, aluminum has many negatives to it. You should consider your climate of the area you live before you jump into installing aluminum siding. Although not very common, it can only take one small hail storm to punch dents all over your siding, causing the look to be compromised and likely not fixable unless replaced.


Stucco is very popular in today’s age. It boasts a desirable look that many new homeowners are after. The issue with stucco is that the process of installing it isn’t easy or quick. It’s extremely labour intensive and not a job for just anyone to attempt as a Sunday project. It can still be seen as a one of the good types of siding.

Fibre Cement Siding

This is one the beautiful types of siding. Made of a few things such as cellulose fibres, water, sand and cement, it would be an excellent option for your renovation project or new build. It’s a very durable option and boasts a number of options and different styles to choose from. Although it’s best to have a professional install this siding to ensure the job is done in a quality manner, it is well worth the beautiful looks you gain in the end.

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