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Windows And Doors in Regina

At Everflow we feel that windows and doors in Regina are one of the most important decisions for your home. They can provide improved efficiency, function, and style. Not all products are alike, so we offer a wide range of solutions from the top manufacturers in Canada all factory direct. Whether you are looking for the best price, quality, or efficiency we will provide you with the perfect windows and doors in Regina for your situation.

Types of Windows and Doors in Regina

Our Brands of Windows and Doors in Regina

windows and doors in Regina
windows and doors in Regina
windows and doors in Regina
windows and doors in Regina

The Everflow Experience

You have decided to replace your windows and doors in Regina? Where do you start and how do you navigate all of the decisions?

We start with a free no-obligation quote at your home, our team of local experts will meet with you to better understand your needs and wants and provide you with as much information as you need to help with your decision and a quote onsite for a solution that will best fit your needs and budget and will include a quoted price with a finance option.

We did a great job wowing you in the experience? You decide to trust us with the replacement of your windows and doors in Regina? We will then sign off on the final quote, verify window opening locations, confirm the finishes and any last project details and accept a deposit of 50% of the quoted price.

At this time, we will assign an installer to your project and arrange for precise ordering measurements for your project.

Your new windows or doors in Regina will now be ordered and our local staff will contact you as soon as the windows/doors are completed from the manufacturer and a week prior to the installation to prepare for the replacement.

Installation day will come quickly in anticipation of your new products, Our lead installer will be on-site and will communicate directly with you about the process for the install and will ensure proper installation and clean worksite from start to finish.

At the end of the project, the installer will complete a post-installation inspection and walk you through the final installation ensuring complete satisfaction of the work and understanding of the window functions, use, or any other questions you may have.

We follow up every installation we perform with a survey to ensure we consistently exceed our customer’s expectations and work towards that go and commitment every day.

After-sale warranty service we are your direct contact if any issues or questions arise you can contact us any time at our local number and we would be more than happy to help.

Professional Installation & Friendly Service

We have our own crews dedicated to window and door installations so our customers deal with one company from start to finish on our projects. Our crews are fully trained and set up to address a wide range of installation types for both residential, multifamily and commercial.

We have a consistent process that assures our customers that they will have a problem-free experience and use industry best practices to ensure the windows are draft-free and completely sealed from the exterior elements.

We include a lifetime workmanship warranty on our work which proves our commitment to quality. We offer a range of interior finishes options to best match the aesthetics of the customer’s home.

Everflow Window and Door installations offer the best value for your replacement. Our local installation team is both knowledgeable and experienced. We follow a proven process for each installation ensuring consistency and quality with each installation we do. Our team has over 70 years of combined experience and can tackle the challenge of any installation. We back up this level of experience and commitment by offering the industries best Everflow Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. Ensuring our customers, the work is complete correctly the first time and we stand behind that promise for as long as you own your home.

windows and doors in Regina

Everything you need to know about your new Windows & Doors in Regina

We deal with all low maintenance windows, PVC and PVC with Metal Clad Exterior. Both are excellent products for our climate. Warranties range however most offer a lifetime material warranty with limitations on labor from 2 years up to a lifetime. All windows come standard with EnergyStar rated glass options providing the best comfort and efficiency available.

The windows come in numerous glass types and options ranging from Dual Pane to Triple Pane with a range of coating offering energy efficiency, self-cleaning, heat blocking, and privacy. We offer an endless number of colours for the exterior of the windows with numerous interior options from interior wood finishes, modern black, beige, and more. Windows come in numerous configurations to meet almost every need (Styles are Sliders, Tilt and Turn Sliders, Single Hung (Up and Down Sliders), Double Hung (Tilt and Turn up and Down sliders), Casement, Awning, Picture, Fixed, Bay and Bow. We have a showroom with samples that can be viewed to showcase all of the features of the product in person.

Everflow Windows and Doors in Regina offers unmatched value in appearance, performance, and value. We offer complete installation services throughout southern Saskatchewan. Everflow partners with the top window brands from All Weather Windows, to Plygem/Northstar, and Gentek to name a few allowing us to match the best product for each application.

Windows are one of the largest sources of heat loss in your home, in fact, 35% of the heat loss of a home comes from windows and doors. Window replacements will provide substantial improvements in both comfort and efficiency by reducing heat loss and reflecting heat from the sun allowing your home to maintain a more consistent temperature year-round. Improving ventilation in the summer nights is also a great improvement for homes that have limited airflow ensuring you get a comfortable night’s sleep while reducing your energy consumption at the same time.

During the winter Everflow’s energy efficient windows can reduce condensation and improve comfort keeping the elements at bay. Thicker glass, warm edge spacer technology and higher R-Value windows are all things that allow us to have more humidity with less condensation improving the overall comfort of our homes. Energy performance is rated using the following values and each play a part in the efficiency and function of the window replacements for your home:

  • U-factor — the rate of heat transfer from warm to cold areas in watts per square metre Kelvin (W/m2K) or in British thermal units per hour per square foot Fahrenheit (Btu/h x sq. ft. x °F). In either case, the lower the number, the more efficient the product.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) — a ratio showing the amount of the sun’s heat that can pass through the product. The higher the number, the more solar heat the product gains.
  • Energy Rating (ER) — a value demonstrating the balance between U-factor, SHGC and air leakage. The higher the number, the more efficient the product.
  • R-value — a value indicating the resistance to heat transfer in square feet per hour in degrees Fahrenheit per British thermal unit (sq. ft. x h x °F/Btu). The higher the number, the more efficient the product.(The R-value is not part of the energy performance standards, but is often quoted by contractors and sales staff as a measure of performance.)
  • Visible transmittance (VT) — a ratio of the amount of visible light that can pass through a product. The higher the number, the more light can pass through.
  • Centre-of-glass rating — an energy-efficiency value that refers only to the glass portion of a product and not the product as a whole.

Everflow windows come with a wide range of glass options ranging from Dual Pane to Triple Pane. All of our windows meet EnergyStar which is a standard for efficiency for our homes. LowE Glass is added into the mix with either 1 or 2 coatings to improve the efficiency and this comes in a variety of types and styles. All work on the basis of reflecting levels of heat from the sun away from the home in the summer and into the home in the winter helping us with heating and cooling when it’s needed. Argon Gas or Krypton gas is used vs air as it is more dense and slows the transfer of cold or heat into our homes improving the R-Value of the glass and efficiency of the window. Glass is also available in a number of forms to improve privacy, filter light, and provide self cleaning benefits. Everflow offers the Highest R-Value windows available in Canada and will make sure we provide the best solution for your home.Doors Regina, Windows and doors regina

Everflow Windows are typically installed as a full-frame window replacement. This not only ensures the best performance of the new windows but ensures the absolute best finish, water tightness, and efficiency for the replacement. For the type of replacement, the complete old window is removed from the wall allowing the old insulation, original shims, and all trims on the inside and outside of the opening exposed and removed allowing for complete inspection and preparation for the new window.

Rotten wood or failed/improperly installed installation at this time will be addressed and replaced to ensure the best performance for not only the window but the complete wall area making sure there are no drafts or other penetrations around the window that would affect the performance of the new replacement. The new windows are installed that are 1 piece (Frame, Jamb, and Exterior Brickmold/Nail Fin) and fully welded at the factory ensuring complete water tightness and guaranteed performance. The new window is ordered to reduce in size from the old window ensuring correct air spacing around the rough framed opening of your home and the new window. This window will now be both exterior sealed, insulated with new spray foam insulation, and tuck taped to the wall preventing drafts from around the frame. The new casing will finish off the installation that will best match the finish of the new window or tie into the look of the finishes of your home.

Everflow Vinyl windows are the product of choice for the Saskatchewan Climate, they are completely maintenance-free, come in a variety of colors, styles, configurations, and finishes to match most any decor. From exterior colors to interior stainable wood finishes there are styles and features to fit most every budget. Everflow windows include the best warranties on the market offering up to lifetime coverage for both labor and materials with options for complete glass breakage coverage.Windows and Doors Regina, Doors Regina

Everflow Metal Clad Windows: These are Branded as a premium offering however sales throughout Canada continue to fall as new and innovative technologies in Vinyl PVC windows come to the forefront of innovation. Metal cladding over wood provides a sleek exterior finish with the option of either Vinyl or Wood interiors.

Everflow Steel Doors have been around for quite some time and the innovation of these doors continues to make them the top choice for today’s replacements. Available in the largest array of door designs these offer an incredible value to the consumer. Although like all materials the quality of the product will vary, we focus on only premium products that offer prefinished exterior skins that are very durable allowing them to handle everyday wear and even hail with ease. Finish with a selection of door frames from Painted Wood, to Exterior Clad, Vinyl Wrapped, and Composite there is a wide range of products that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Everflow Fiberglass doors emerged strongly in the market roughly 15 years ago, although not factory prefinished in most cases smooth white fiberglass does appear prefinished but not as vibrant of a white as steel. Fiberglass is very dent resistant, available with wood grain and sustainable finishes, and offers a nicer weight and feel than its steel counterparts. Additional features such as continuous reinforcing and rot resistance are common features available. Matched with the perfect frame for your application this can also be built for your specific needs.

Windows and Doors ReginaEverflow Patio Doors are combination doors with typically full glass attached together to provide a more expansive opening providing additional lighting and allowing full access to the exterior view of your yard. This type of door is common with full glass however popular upgrades include adding designer grills and is both referred to as a product but also a location such as a door that leads to the Patio. The different types of patio doors are as follows:

  • Patio Door – Sliding Door combination
  • Garden Door – Steel or Fiberglass – Outswing Door combination with one Active and one Venting
  • French or Terrace Door Fiberglass or Steel – inswing door combination
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