Do You Think you Might Need a New Roof?

It is not a common thing to think about, your roof Most people won’t think about it until there is a problem, like a leak for example. You should not be waiting for your living room to be flooded before you pay attention to your roof. We have compiled 7 reasons you might need a new roof and why you might need to give Everflow a call.

  • Check Your Attic

If something happened to your roof or if you want to be sure that your roof is in good shape, you should start by looking in your attic, not outside. Get yourself a flashlight, climb under the eaves and look for a drop of water, a stain, or for a beam of light. Any of those might indicate a leaky roof and if you find any, you should give us a call immediately to see if you need a new roof.  


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  • Look at your Paperwork

Look at the home renovation paperwork that you have to know exactly when the roof was last replaced or reshingled. Knowing the materials that were used last and the exact date of renovation or construction will give you a good idea of how long your roof in has left. To give you a good example, a normal asphalt shingle roof has a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years and a roof installed over another layer of shingles will last 20 years.    

  • Keep an eye on your Shingles

After a big storm or a windy day, you should always go and check on your shingles. They should always be flat on your roof but if the wind cracks or damages a single shingle, you should repair it as soon as possible. While you are on the roof, you should also check your gutters to see if you can find shingle granules. If so, your roof might be towards the end of its life expectancy. 


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  • Check for Rot

If your roof is leaking, it will not only cause damage to the roof but to the whole house. Check the surfaces in your attic or on your roof, if you see any signs of moistures, rot or any spots that seem saggy, you should give us a call before there is any more damage. Our team of experts is there to assess the problem and fix it as fast a possible.

  • Look Out for Moss

Moss possibly looks good in a garden or on a mountain but when it comes to your roof, it is never a good sign. Moss on your roof will most likely indicate that there is trapped moisture, which is a great recipe to destroy your roof. If you see moss or any type of plant growing on your roof, you should give us a call immediately. 

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If you have a damaged roof or if you have observed humidity between your shingles, you should give us a call as soon as possible to make sure to prevent further damages. Our team of experts is there to help you keep your loved ones safe and protected in the comfort of your home.