What Is Siding?

Siding is a layer of material that is pasted to the outside of a house or residential structure’s walls. It keeps the elements out and protects your home by keeping water out. Siding seals all of the outside surfaces of your property, ensuring that rain, snow, and strong winds do not seep into it.

Not only does siding protect your home from outside elements like dirt and insects, but it also prevents water damage – which is incredibly important. When most people think of siding, they picture the three most common types: vinyl, wood or fiber cement. However, there are other types of siding available as well.

When it comes to siding, most builders agree that it’s important for a home’s health and longevity. However, what really makes a difference is how it is put up. It does an excellent job of keeping the weather out and preserving your house, but only if it is correctly installed. The most common reason for water damage we see in homes is poor siding installation. When water gets into it and causes all sorts of issues, including mold, mildew, and decay.

Siding, in addition to keeping the elements out and giving your home a more attractive appearance, performs many other jobs. It’s also an important element of how your house looks and is essential to its curb appeal.

Siding in Regina

What Is Siding Used For?

Siding serves a variety of functions, including its practical significance to the house. Looking great is essential to us while building a home. However, our number one priority is creating a safe and long-lasting structure. After we frame a new house with plywood, it’s coated with waterproofing house wrap. Because plywood isn’t moisture resistant, we install a layer of house wrap around the entire property to provide a water-resistant barrier.

The best moisture barrier is cellulose fiber wrap, which is a lightweight material that has good breathability and can keep the elements out all on its own. This final layer of protection comes from siding materials such as vinyl, aluminum, wood, or fiber cement, which are installed directly over the moisture barrier.

Choosing the correct product for your house is a big decision that should be made carefully. Some varieties are more long-lasting than others. While some have greater aesthetic appeal. And each comes at a different price range. Even within the same category, such as vinyl, you’ll have low, medium, and premium grade options to pick from.

Siding in Regina

What Is Underlayment?

The layer that is typically called the underlayment is the waterproof material between the siding and sheathing. We install plywood sheathing after a house frame has been set up. Even though Sheathing isn’t resistant to moisture, we still use it because it offers great protection with a layer of thin house wrap surrounding it.

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