Siding Replacement

The success of your siding replacement project hangs on precise planning, and that includes choosing the best time of year for installation. This is especially important if you’re using vinyl siding, which can be damaged by extreme temperatures.

Spring Brings Rain

Although rain is generally seen as a good thing, it can actually cause some problems if you’re trying to put up siding in the spring. For example, if your contractor is only halfway done and it suddenly starts raining, that moisture could potentially allow mold to grow on your home’s sheathing and walls. In severe cases, this might even result in an infestation that would be harmful for your health.

Summer Is Too Hot

You should be aware that if you’re using vinyl siding, it does not do well in hot weather. This is because vinyl is a plastic product and therefore can melt when exposed to high temperatures. Even if it doesn’t melt, the heat causes the vinyl to expand. If it’s set up during hot weather and nailed too tight, once winter comes and it contracts, there’s a possibility of buckling or cracking.

siding replacement project

Winter Is Too Cold

It’s unwise to try and install vinyl siding when it’s wintertime or too cold outside. If you attempted this, your contractor would tell you that the frigid weather can make the panels contract. What’s more, is that the brittle air makes vinyl less durable. Consequently, if you were to nail it to a wall there’s a likelihood it would crack and therefore be unusable.

Fall Is The Ideal Time

Many building sites say that siding materials go on sale in the fall because winter inventory becomes available. Also, you may get lower labor costs for installation because this season is quieter for siding companies. The moderate and mild temperatures during the fall make it an ideal time of year for your replacement project too.

Although the time of the year doesn’t play as big a role in replacing your siding, it’s still something to keep note of. If you have significant damage to your siding, like cracks, immediately reach out to a local professional instead of waiting. The longer you wait, the more extensive (and expensive) the repairs may become.

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