What Are Fascia?

Most people would be unable to find the fascia if you asked them. If you ask most homeowners what it is, they wouldn’t be able to tell you. Because it isn’t readily apparent, not knowing the location of the fascia makes sense.

According to Latin origins, the word “fascia” means a strip or board. In architecture and roofing, a fascia board is a horizontal band or piece that covers any open ends of roof rafters. Oftentimes, gutters hide fascia boards from view. If you’re keen on learning more about the role they serve in roofing, read on for Fascinating Facts About Your Home.

What is the Purpose of Fascia in Roofing?

The primary function of this part of your roof is to keep gutters in place. They also prevents water damage by keeping the roof deck out of the attic and away from your home’s foundation. Third, fascia covers exposed or open rafter ends, adding to the architectural appeal. Finally, fascias prevent pests (such as birds, insects, squirrels, and other animals) from gaining access.

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What Materials Exist?

Timber Fascia-Often made of spruce, pine, or fir and easily prone to rotting and water damage, must be primed and painted on a regular basis to be long-lasting.
The aluminum fascia, which is used to waterproof wooden fascia while also bending around it, and preserving the life of the wood fence, can be more pricey than wood.

Accent your home’s exterior with our vinyl products! It is made of tough polyvinyl chloride plastic, which contains added visual appeal and durability.
Our vinyl products are unplasticized and well-known for being rigid and strong while also low maintenance. Plus, it’s resistant to water damage and chemicals!

What Fascia Material is Best?

People still prefer wood ones, although other alternatives such as vinyl and aluminum have lately gained popularity. These materials require little care and protection against water damage, making them very long-lasting. If you want to save money, wood is a wonderful option; nevertheless, regular upkeep will be required to maintain the wood’s longevity.

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Bottom Line

They are required for the longevity of a roof. It’s important that a homeowner checks it on a regular basis. You can trust Everflow Roofing to install or repair your roof. We are roofing specialists with years of experience.

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